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My Favorite Lip Balm - Moroccan Magic

My favorite lip balm is now in Target!!! I have been using Moroccan Magic for a couple of months now and if you read my other blog post on Moroccan Magic then you know I am obsessed with the rose lip balm. Target is the best because you can get everything from there. I tell myself to just get what I need but I always go into Target and walk out with way more than what I was planning on buying. If you are like me then you totally get what I am saying! Moroccan Magic's best sellers (rose, lavender vanilla, peppermint eucalyptus, and coconut almond) are all available in over 900 Target stores nationwide. So the next time you are in Target, I would get some Moroccan Magic! If you would still like to purchase online from their website, then use the code TARGETMAGIC to get 15% off (expires August 1st) .

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