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London's Pink Heaven ~ Sketch

I found Sketch London on Instagram and all I could do is dream about going there! This summer I had the opportunity to go! I was in pink heaven! Sketch London is a tea room with an already made 4 course menu. They have several teas that you can choose from and you can do multiple different flavors. The 4 course meal is already planned out but you can add more of the items that you liked. The first course was caviar with a little cracker and then they bring out the finger sandwiches and desserts. The third course are scones with butter and jam. The last course is a slice of cake. All the food was absolutely amazing and so filling!I thought it was going to be a light afternoon snack but it turned into my dinner because I was so full after. I had the rosebud tea and I loved it! Of course it is no shocker that I loved the rose tea. They also offer champagne & cocktails. If you ever have the opportunity to go I would highly recommend going, it is quite an experience!

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