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Best Ice Cream in San Diego

My favorite ice cream place in San Diego is Cauldron Ice Cream. I was following them on Instagram before they opened in San Diego. I had been wanting to go for so long but the closest location to me was an hour and a half away. I saw on their Instagram that the ice cream was in the shape of a rose and in a puffle cone. How cute right?! Then they announced that they were going to open in San Diego. I couldn't wait to try it! Of course, I tried the H2O Rose flavor and it was absolutely amazing! Every time I go back, I tell myself to try a different flavor but I always go back to the H2O Rose. If you are not sure if you like the taste of rose, I would still recommend because it's not overpowering. Also, they top it off with rose sugar which gives it that extra sweet taste. If you don't like rose at all, then try a different flavor. My cousin always gets the milk and cereal flavor which is also amazing! They have so many flavors and are constantly bringing in new flavors for the season so you will definitely find one you'll like!

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