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Babes Who Sweat - The Sweat Series

This past Sunday I went to the Sweat Series hosted by Babes Who Sweat. I was so excited to combine two of my favorite things: fitness + pink! I was looking for local groups in San Diego to follow because I am very into fitness and trying different exercises. I followed Babes Who Sweat on Instagram a few months ago and immediately fell in love with their page. I love that they have built this community for women to get together and exercise! Also, their page is pink! The Sweat Series was pink heaven! We did a 90 minute work out with 3 different instructors and then we had some time to walk around and see the different vendors/sponsors. I was able to see some new brands I've never heard of and sample their products. If you want more information about the event, I posted multiple stories and you can find them under my "events" highlight on my Instagram page.

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